Camera Lineup

Moving To Mirrorless – From Canon To Olympus To Sony

I’ve long been a Canon guy who only shot with “L” series glass, how ever i’ve noticed over the past few years that I have been leaving my big 5D MKII and lenses at home when I head out for day trips. The result from this is obviously that I’ve been taking less photos and ending up with more mediocre iPhone shots, simply because it’s the only camera I had on hand when I came across something interesting.

I used to carry my DSLR with me everywhere, lugging several kilo’s of glass and equipment with me and often not even taking a single shot but just being prepared incase I saw something worth shooting.

I remember carrying my Canon body with 24-105, 16-35MKII, 50mm 1.4, flash gun and more around my neck, every day, in South East Asia for almost 5 months on a big trip in 2011.  I’m still amazed I was never robbed.

That’s a whole lot of extra weight to throw in a shoulder bag and so I find myself simply not taking my camera out lately, which is a bit depressing really. I’ve missed some great shots and had to fall back to my iPhone, which in most cases just doesn’t cut it.

This has recently got me thinking, is it possible to part with my beloved Canon gear? Surely not. Continue reading →